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CHC Transformation

NHS England has put CCGs’ execution of the Continuing Healthcare process under the spotlight.  NHS Leaders want to drive up productivity by eliminating inefficiencies in the Continuing Healthcare.  On a macro level, NHS England is setting out to save £855 million across CHC delivery by 2020/21.  Improving the speed accuracy and consistency of access to CHC will be important in achieving this goal.   From an operational perspective today, they believe challenges in CHC assessments are contributing to unnecessary Delayed Transfers of Care in the acute system, with too many full assessments being conducted in an acute setting.  Additionally, many CCGs are failing to achieve the National Standard for the turnaround of more than 80% of eligibility decisions within 28 days.   

New quarterly CHC reporting has been introduced to monitor performance and focus the mind.  On the reward side, NHS England has made the annual achievement of the National Standards for CHC subject to a valuable Quality Premium. 

Continuing Healthcare assessment transformation starts right here.

CHC2DST eliminates paper from the Continuing Healthcare assessment process.  It provides a single point of entry for assessments into your organisation.   From Day 1 you begin to control the CHC workload and workflow, rather than the other way around.   Through the elimination of paper and the automation of communications between process stakeholders, CHC2DST provides CHC leaders with the transparency they require to improve their service levels.

CHC2DST increases the productivity of stakeholders within the CHC assessment process, reducing time spent on low-value admin tasks and allowing them to focus their time, knowledge and skills to drive improvements and generate value into other Continuing Healthcare areas. 


The attached briefing document explains how CHC2DST has supported five CCG’s efforts to transform their Continuing Healthcare Assessment service.   In an easily consumable format, the document sets out the challenges and identifies the benefits of adopting CHC2DST to underpin your service transformation